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  • Jan 27, 2013
    Birthday Lab - Reloaded
    Thank you very much for all the positive feedback about SS Birthday Reminder Live. We were really amazed by all the comments and feedback we received from you.
    For us it reinforced the success of SS Birthday Reminder and set a clear path for our future.

    Now we want to inform you that a new version of SS Birthday Reminder Live was finally released and ready for use. Better, faster, lighter, with a radical new design and user experience. In one word: Awesome!

    So what has been done:
    We decided first of all to change the application's name from SS Birthday Reminder Live to Birthday Lab and move it to a new web address:
    Also we reviewed application's functionality and applied a new design to the web interface and mail notifications.
    Other new feature is the import of friends birthdays from Facebook so you don't have to add them manually anymore.
    Just click on Import from Facebook button and you'll get all friends birthdays directly into Birthday Lab.
    Another great feature is the integration of a new calendar on dashboard to see all birthdays and events on one page and print them.
    Also you can now share your notifications with your family or your colleagues. Just choose what notifications you want to share and you're done.

    Other new cool features were added and the old functionality was improved. Don't forget to let us know what you think about it.