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  • Sep 08, 2011
    SSBR Live - September additional update
    About a week ago I sent you an email with the changes from September's release, but because some of you wrote me back with requests to allow you to set up earlier notifications for your birthdays and events I've speed up things and made some quick additional modifications. They include:

    Modifications in design. The colors are now warmer and design is more attractive.
    Possibility to set up earlier notifications. By default you will receive a notification on email in the day when a birthday, anniversary or event will occur. However you can receive an additional notification a couple of days earlier. In your Profile you can set up how many days before you want to receive an additional reminder. This change will automatically apply to all birthdays, anniversaries and events, but you can also change this interval for a specific birthday or event if you want by editing it. I've set automatically for all of you to receive the additional reminder 2 days before, but you can login into your account and change it as you like from Profile section.